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Public Relations

Rephrase can help you reach the next level by handling all of your publicity requirements. Our range of services can be provided on a pay-as-you-go basis at hugely competitive rates or as part of a longer-term package.
In driving to raise profiles, promote clients and defend them where necessary, Rephrase will do all it can to advise and produce the best possible solution for your needs.

Strategic Communications – whatever it is that is required, Rephrase will advise and deliver on a plan to help an organisation grow through a variety of media channels.

Media Relations – as a one-off job or as part of regular agreement, we will produce press releases on your behalf. Press conferences can also be organised to help get a message across.

Event management – the opening of a new restaurant, the launch of a product or a community event are among the events that can be delivered by Rephrase.

Social Media – if it is just social media that you are looking for, we can look at ways of improving your output in a world now completely familiar with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Crisis management – we will promote and defend clients using a variety of platforms, including media coverage, thought leadership and social media.

Photography – we work with a variety of top-class photographers and videographers to make your story more visually appealing where necessary.



First and foremost Paul Fraser is a highly-skilled and experienced sports writer, so he can be called upon to write reports and a variety of stories, from a football stadium or the golf course …

Freelance writer – whether it is a report in a newspaper, a magazine feature or as an author of a book, Paul is ready to listen to any ideas and opportunities you may have in mind.

Broadcast appearances – over the last 20 years Paul has regularly been used as an expert on TV and radio to discuss football in the North-East of England, on international, national and local channels.

Copy-writing – text for websites, advertorials or brochures and leaflets can all be provided.

Proof-reading – having worked in the news industry for more than 20 years, Rephrase can spot errors and make sure copy is clean.

Media training – Rephrase can work with up-and-coming sport stars to help them become more familiar with the media. Sessions can also be booked with students at schools.



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