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Property Webmasters creates its very own AgentPlus website solution to support estate agents on a global scale

27th April 2022

Property Webmasters’ CEO Jamie Arthur chatting with Mal Boston. Pictures: Ian Horrocks

Property Webmasters

A digital marketing agency based on Teesside has developed its very own website solution that estate agents are being encouraged to “try before they buy”.
The innovative idea is being rolled out by Hartlepool-based Property Webmasters, which is supporting clients on a global scale.
Its very own custom-built AgentPlus project has been created in-house and allows Property Webmasters to create the most efficient websites for its clients, all tied into high performance.
The website solution has recorded incredible results already, with the latest launch securing an incredible 99 out of 100 score on Google page insights, the leading tool in website performance.
AgentPlus offers estate agents a variety of first-class templates to choose from, with Property Webmasters now offering free ‘mock-ups’ to Estate Agents to show them what a new website would look like with their own branding before they commit to purchasing.
Luke Fleming, the Marketing Manager at Property Webmasters, said: “It’s been amazing to see the response we’ve had so far from estate agents who’d like to see how their brand could look like on our AgentPlus solution.
“The campaign provides agents with a no obligation full website mock-up for their agency.
“This gives them a unique ‘try before you buy’ experience with no strings attached. We want to prove our website solution is the best out there and this gives us the opportunity to do so.”
AgentPlus took more than a year to develop. It constantly evolves and rolls out new features to ensure its users continue to receive the best possible service.

Lead designer Mal Boston at his desk

More than 70 clients across 48 different countries are using the multi-tenant system and Property Webmasters has recently delivered for Robinsons Tees Valley, while also boasting clients such as Sotheby’s, RE/MAX, Century21 and Knight Frank.
Luke added: “We want to show why it is the best solution out there in this industry. It is alright for us to say it’s the best solution but this is our opportunity to prove that.
“There are not many suppliers out there that would give a client this opportunity with no obligation or commitment from them.”
Property Webmasters are confident that users of the demo will then invest in AgentPlus over the longer term. For £250 a month clients sign up for a new website and after 24 months they are entitled to a complete redesign, effectively “you’re getting two websites in one”, plus regular enhancements and updates that take place during that period.
Luke said: “It has been a great campaign for us because we’ve been able to tangibly demonstrate to clients how we can help their estate agency grow through innovative web design. We’ve been really pleased with the number of clients who’ve then committed to our website afterwards.
“We know there are estate agents out there who have websites ten years out of date, or on the other hand have just recently invested in a new website but they’re not happy with it.
“We want to continue to show estate agents exactly how their branding and colours will look on our designs and then we will deliver from there on in. If they don’t want to commit to anything after the mock-up, that’s totally fine too.
“Those estate agents who do proceed are assured that AgentPlus has been built for performance. It’s not just about it being aesthetically pleasing, it is also about how it performs with site speed, accessibility, online visibility and how well it captures enquiries.”
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“It’s been amazing to see the response we’ve had so far from estate agents who’d like to see how their brand could look like on our AgentPlus solution.”
-Luke Fleming, the Marketing Manager at Property Webmasters


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