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Martin Dunn’s Eden Digital shining brightly at Tranquility House

8th February 2022

Eden Digital Systems

An ambitious telecommunications expert, whose own career was affected by the pandemic, is going from strength to strength after moving his technology company into Hartlepool Marina’s Tranquility House.
Eden Digital Systems Limited was created shortly after Covid-19 started to spread across the UK, when Martin Dunn wondered how he would be able to provide for his young family.
The 31-year-old decided to put his experience of the telecoms industry to full use when he was not entitled to furlough with his previous employer, due to the rules around eligibility.
Hartlepool-born Martin, the CEO of Eden Digital Systems, said: “It all started in March 2020 when I was sent home from work because of Covid. By the time June had come around I had become a limited company.
“The idea came from the point where I’d been told not to go back to the office, but I couldn’t really do any work from home because of the nature of the role I was in.
“I needed something to do. I needed to support my wife who was on furlough while studying.
“What I realised was that a flexible working environment was required by many. I got calls from customers who I worked with in the past whose businesses were suffering due to not having that flexibility. I could help them.
“I was able to provide a solution through the experience I had and the recommendations I received saw me grow from there.”

Team (from left to right): Eden Digital Systems’ CEO Martin Dunn with his staff, Callum Williams, Beth Cunnington and Chloe Oliver at Tranquility House. Picture: Mark Fletcher

Martin, who lives in Easington, County Durham, operated initially from his spare bedroom but recently moved Eden Digital Systems into Tranquility House.
As part of the first phase of expansion, Martin has hired two partner success managers and a customer relations manager.
That team is focused on growing a business which supplies telecom systems, IT support, print management, mobile phone business contracts, customer relationship management tools, interactive boards, email management and security to its partners.
Eden Digital Systems also provides a network-as-a-service, all anti-virus and anti-spam software and will look to fulfil any technology requirements a business has.
Martin, a former non-league footballer who manages Shotton Colliery FC in the Wearside League, said: “The service we provide is top quality and personal, we are delighted to report that we are growing and we can provide pretty much anything in that area. People trust us to deliver.
“My business plan isn’t to have a team of engineers who are experts in one thing and not in another. The plan is to have experts in all fields through outsourcing the work in the areas we work in.
“The customers aren’t affected by pricing either. We always look to deliver the best solution that fits any budget and simplify technology so it works for everyone.”
Eden Digital Systems boasts Orangebox Training Solutions, whose CEO Simon Corbett co-owns Tranquility House, among its clients.
Easington-born Martin, a married father of a six-month old daughter, said: “Without Simon I wouldn’t have moved into here, I wouldn’t have taken the chances I have to employ people and work in the best office space in Hartlepool at the Marina.
“My dad, who passed away in 2018, had a good business head on him, having been a director at Reg Vardy. He was always surrounded by good people.
“He always told me to surround myself with good, loyal people to make the right decisions and Simon has been an inspiration to me. The way he has built his business up over the last six years highlights to me how you have to keep moving forward and taking risks.”
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“The service we provide is top quality and personal, we are delighted to report that we are growing and we can provide pretty much anything in that area. People trust us to deliver.”
-Martin Dunn, CEO of Eden Digital Systems


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