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Hartlepool’s Evolve to provide clinics with Town’s Physio

17th March 2023

Matty Richardson (Evolve co-owner), Janine Gilhespy (Evolve manager), Ian Buster Gallagher (First Team Physiotherapy owner) and David Manson (Evolve co-owner)

First Team Physiotherapy & Evolve

Two Hartlepool businesses have teamed up in a bid to provide the perfect mix required to improve people’s physical and mental wellbeing in the area.

Evolve, an affiliated gym of the international brand CrossFit, will celebrate its sixth birthday this summer and it will now be working closely with one of the town’s most well-respected physios for the first time.

As part of the agreement, former Hartlepool United physio Ian ‘Buster’ Gallagher’s First Team Physiotherapy will hold a monthly clinic at Evolve’s Burn Road base to give gym-goers the best advice to train and avoid injury.

Evolve’s business manager Janine Gilhespy said: “We want to help as many people in the town as we can to get fitter, both physically and mentally.

“This partnership creates opportunities for our members to have access to the best physiotherapy equipment and advice.

“For a lot of our members, it is not just the benefits they get from exercise, quite often it is the opportunity to switch off for an hour while they train that is bigger for them. The social and mental benefits are huge from heading to the gym.

“We are massively into helping the community and we know lifelong friendships are being formed by those coming regularly to train here.

“Some of those people wouldn’t have crossed paths and now they are really good friends. Buster’s involvement means our members now have the best advice to avoid injury so they can keep training.”

Ian Buster Gallagher and Liam Gallagher at First Team Physiotherapy. Picture: Ian Horrocks

Evolve’s 300-strong membership ranges from 14 to 74 years of age. Its owners – David Manson, Matty Richardson, Karl Johnson and Andrew Taylor – are proud of the social environment they have created.

The gym offers functional fitness programmes usually performed at high intensity across different time domains, with activities wide-ranging including Olympic weightlifting, cardiovascular and gymnastics.

The move to have a regular First Team Physiotherapy clinic on site is seen as an exciting way for its members to gain a better understanding of their bodies.

Buster, First Team Physiotherapy’s owner, said: “I have been helping Janine with her back and seeing other Evolve members, who provided the link and it has ‘Evolved’ from there into this partnership.

“Evolve offers members the best advice and care. We have the equipment and the expertise to pass on to enable them to keep training.

“Some would really struggle mentally if going to the gym was taken away from them. I can help them do what they love and understand more about how overuse and using the wrong techniques will lead to them having to stop. I’m going to give them the advice they need.

“Evolve wanted to look after its members, try to prevent injuries, and I will be here regularly to guide them as much as I can.”

First Team Physiotherapy will offer a reduced rate for Evolve members to visit Buster and the team, either at Evolve’s HQ or the other physio clinics at Hartlepool Rovers and The Arches.

Evolve is scalable for everyone, with complete novices and competing athletes all regulars at the gym. There are also masters’ classes for over-55s three times a week as well as children’s academies, and the physio will be accessible for them all.

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“We want to help as many people in the town as we can to get fitter, both physically and mentally.
-Evolve’s business manager Janine Gilhespy


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