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Igomove teams up with Hartlepool removals firm

9th November 2021


Two football friends have teamed up to help the people of Teesside find their new home.
Mark Flint’s expanding hybrid estate agency Igomove and Sean Wood’s flourishing Wood’s Removals have been hitting targets for some time.
And the two managing directors have decided to combine in a bid to make the route to someone’s new home a smoother one.
Anyone selling their house with Igomove can be assured that a blossoming partnership with Wood’s means another of the worries when moving to a new house is taken care of.
Sean, pictured, said: “It works well. Mark gives potential customers a package which includes my information – it is up to them whether they get a few quotations, there’s no obligation to use Wood’s.
“It works really well because I can be moving quite a few people on in the same chain and then it is easier to communicate with Mark and the team at the same estate agents.
“It’s going strong for both of us. I have known Mark for years. He used to run my football team and now we play five-a-side together.
“He has a company selling houses, I have a removals company and the link should work well together – and it is.’
Igomove was set up in 2019 and has expanded into County Durham and Teesside, with plans to grow even further with applications invited to front up Middlesbrough, Stockton and Darlington strands of the business.
Wood’s Removals was established in May 2020 with one van and another member of staff. It now has five vehicles operating across the UK and 15 members of staff.
“It’s gone crazy since the government announced the stamp duty holiday and we have had five-start reviews in that time,” said Sean.
“Our standards are high. I used to work for a company dealing with high profile clients, so I demand my own high standards – we have floor protections, furniture wrapped in blankets, we put carboard round pictures, for example.
“We are big on the finer details. We can go in and pack a full house in boxes if that’s what the customer wants.”
The partnership is all part of Igomove’s aim to make the home move process as simple as it can be.
Mark said: “I have known Sean for more than ten years and I was pleased to see him running his own business – and doing well.
“We know all about the exceptional service his company rolls out and it is fantastic that two expanding companies can work together in this way.
“We like to provide all of your property related needs under one roof and having Wood’s provide a removals service for us is another feather in the cap.
“Whether it is removals, conveyancing, mortgages … we want to make selling and buying your next home as straight forward as possible.”
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“I have known Sean for more than ten years and I was pleased to see him running his own business – and doing well.”
-Mark Flint, Igomove's managing director


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